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Our story....


As a company we are dedicated to delivering real, quality protein that focuses on enhancing all areas of your health. We’ve done our homework and we practice what we preach. We are passionate about growth and well-being.

Fitness has been our lifestyle for all of our adult lives. It is our career, our hobby, our passion. Anyone who shares our passion would agree, training is only half of the picture, what you fuel your body with is the other half. For decades now, protein powders have been the go to supplementation for all those with well-being and fitness in mind, including ourselves. However most do not know that protein powders are not all created equal.

Our bodies are composed of not one but various energy systems. Each has a function of its own. Together they enable us to perform and feel great on a daily basis. Understanding & respecting our bodies as a whole, it’s only natural that we supply them with the best.

We are an Australian grown & based company, here to share our knowledge and a quality product, with no compromise. We take pride in using only raw ingredients & organic flavouring. Nothing nasty will ever make it into our products.